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A podcast about Iceland

The Iceland Podcast is released fortnightly and we talk to people who have something interesting, adventurous or nice to say about our favourite country in the north. We want to discuss topics that interest you as an Iceland fan, so it would help us a lot if you could send feedback and requests via E-Mail.

There is a German version as well: Der Island Podcast. All episodes with German speaking guests will be recorded in German.

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All episodes of the Iceland Podcast

Episode 1: Nanna Árnadóttir about growing up in Iceland

Nanna Árnadóttir grew up in Iceland but enjoys a nomadic lifestyle these days. She lives in Denmark and we talked about growing up in Reykjavík, favorite places in Iceland and tourism. Some of you may know her from her column "Don't ask Nanna" at The Reykjavik Grapevine…

Episode 2 - Elisa Hanssen about working on a horsefarm in Iceland

In this episode we talk to Elisa Hanssen who is from the netherlands and moved to Iceland a while back, to work and live in a guest house / horsefarm up in the north.

Episode 3: David Sigurthorsson about tourism in Iceland

In this episode we talk to David Sigurthorsson who is one of the most prolific tour guides of Iceland and has led teams from National Geographic and BBC on tours through the country for Scuba diving and general exploration. We talk about tourism and sustainable travel.

Episode 4: Ann Peters the Iceland wedding planner

Ann Peters of is a Selfoss based wedding planner and organizes adventure weddings in Iceland. We talk about what to expect when you intend to plan a wedding with her and what will make that wedding really, really special. This episode is very interesting, even if you're not about to get married!

Episode 5: Jeroen van Nieuwenhove the photographer

Jeroen van Nieuwenhove is a photographer based in Iceland and we talk about the area around Þórsmörk, how to drive a jeep in the highlands and how he creates all the aweseome pictures that he takes every day.

Episode 6: Einar Birgir about Heimaey and Vestmannaeyjar on the Iceland Podcast

In this episode we talk to Einar Birgir who is a tour guide on the westman islands, just south off the coast of Iceland. In Heimaey, the main town on Vestmannaeyjar, he runs the tour operator Eyjatours and is an absolute expert when it comes to his home.

General information about traveling to Iceland

FAQ about Iceland

  • When is the best time of year to go to Iceland?

    Iceland is beautiful at every time of the year. But it makes a big difference wether you go in Summer, Winter or any of the other seasons: Best time to travel Iceland

  • Do I always need a rental car with 4x4 in Iceland?

    You may not need a 4x4 when you go to Iceland. Read here when you want to have an all-wheel drive and when it might be sufficient to rent a normal car: Rental car Iceland

  • Which are the places I need to see in Iceland?

    Iceland is full of waterfalls, hotpots, geothermal areas and so much more. We listed all the best points of interest for you so you don't miss anything: Iceland points of interest

  • How to find the best and most beautiful natural hotpots in Iceland?

    One of the highlights of a trip to Iceland will always be the beautiful natural hotpots. See where they come from and which ones you should not miss: Iceland hotpots

  • What about all the beautiful waterfalls of Iceland?

    Iceland has so many waterfalls, you will be amazed. We wrote down a full list of all the waterfalls with coordinates, facts and details for you: Iceland waterfalls

  • What do I need to bring when traveling to Iceland?

    Iceland is not like most travel destinations and because of that, you should be well prepared. We wrote down how to dress, what to bring and what you can leave at home to travel light: Packing list Iceland